Snail Bob

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The Snail's Journey

Bob the snail is on his way home and many dangerous roads are waiting for him to pass. Play now Snail Bob to guide and find a safe path for the snail.


Snail Bob is a snail's journey to find his way home. This journey is a series with many levels. The snail just crawled and walked without paying any attention. There are many pitfalls around. Do you see a sign that says Exit? Guide the snail to get there and you will be able to pass the level and complete a journey to the house.


Along the way, the snail will have to face open power lines, sharp nails, etc. Machines can deflect your direction. The spins can make you fall into the deep pit. The platforms in the way, the pitfalls will appear continuously and they will increase in number with each level.


The snail runs on its own, so to be able to lead the snail to the exit destination, you just need to click on the active buttons of the machines. They will rotate, and stretch, ... to create a path for the snail. If you want the snail to stop, click on it, then press again to let the snail continue. You can increase Snail Bob's walking speed by pressing the x2 button.

High scores

Each level will be timed and complete more than 20 levels of Snail Bob as quickly as possible, the more points you will get. That requires you to know how to calculate the fastest path. Must know how to use the switch buttons at the right time to ensure safety. You can fail the level if you are not careful.