Sneak In 3D

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Plan to rob a bank

Sneak into the bank and rob money with Sneak In 3D. You will use your powerful kicks to attack the bank guards. Let's get to the vault and don't get caught.

You're a pretty free guy. You don't want to go to work and still want to have money to spend. So you made a bold decision to rob the bank. You are also very brave without a weapon in your hand. You just change into a black suit and just rush into the vault. You are so confident with your own strength and kicks and punches. There will be many security guards at the many doors. You have to eliminate them one by one. Can you successfully rob money without getting caught?

The process of stealing money

You will have no weapons. You only have one healthy foot. Find your way to where the guards are and fight them. The A/D key will make your character go left, or right. If the guard doesn't notice and turns his back on you, press SPACEBAR to attack from behind. If you attack directly, click the Attack button on the screen. You will have to go through many doors and each door will have a guard before you can reach the vault. Sneak In 3Dn will have many levels with increasing difficulty with more protection. Can you come and rob a lot of money in many banks?