Soccer Skills Champions League

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Thrilling ball game

Soccer matches are in the throes of the Soccer Skills Champions League. Let's join, choose your favorite team, and compete for the championship cup.

There are many of you who love this kind of sport right? Football is a fierce and thrilling match. When you play Soccer Skills Champions League you will feel it too. This is a competition for you, a talented player showing off your skills. You have the advantage of being able to choose for yourself the teams you love. You need to win 11 matches, beat rival teams, advance to the finals, and compete for championships. Along with the cheers of the audience to encourage you, show your skills well.

Towards the championship

Let's find out how to win to advance to the finals

To score

In each match, you need to control the kicking force of the character skillfully. When playing on the phone, you use your finger and drag on the players with light spots. It's their turn to kick and you need to pull to control the traction and direction of the kick so you can pass the ball to your teammates or kick straight into the net. Similarly, when playing on the computer, you will use the mouse. The intensity of your pull will affect the speed of your players, as well as the power of your kicks.


The competition in Soccer Skills Champions League will have 11 matches equivalent to you having to play against 11 teams of different strengths.
The more you shoot, the more you win and get closer to the championship. Win against all opponents, then the championship cup will belong to you. Each match will also last two 45-minute halves with corner kicks, etc like the real competition. Surely Soccer Skills Champions League will bring you great moments of competition.