Sonic exe

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Experience the challenge in Sonic exe

Sonic exe is a scary challenging adventure game. To win the game, complete the levels and guide the green hedgehog to get the highest score.

Do you like adventures with deadly dangers, Sonic exe will bring you difficult experiences for you to challenge your abilities. When playing the game, you can play a strange green hedgehog, and control the character well along the way. You will travel through a variety of nations. Each country is a separate challenge with different tactics that make you not bored. Numerous adversaries, including armadillos, moto bugs, monkey men, cacti, fireworms, and others, will be encountered along the way. And yet on your adventure, you also have to face more lava, spikes, etc.

Ways to win

You must control quickly so as not to be hit by your opponent, otherwise, you will die. The arrow keys on the keyboard will help you control the character. There is a way for you to get rid of them, you should start collecting rings along the way. You won't die when you collide with the enemies, but you will drop a few rings so be careful. However, collecting with opponents will result in your death once your supply of rings is exhausted. In order to increase longevity, try to amass as many rings as you can. You can also obtain power-ups from roadside item boxes. If you are running away from pursuing enemies, lucky to encounter those boxes, jump in immediately. You will be empowered with many skills to be able to defeat enemies quickly and terrify them. You can run faster or you'll be given invincible powers that make you sure to eliminate the dangers around you. But its effect will also disappear when your enemy is destroyed. Surely it will be interesting if you and your friends play together and think of ways to overcome challenges together.