Stickman Hook

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The Story of Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook tells the story of a stickman who overcomes all dangers to rescue his parents. Help this guy use the rope hook and overcome all dangers.

Journey to rescue parents

The stick guy's family is being taken away by bad guys. He couldn't leave his parents in danger. He needs to overcome all dangers in 100 levels and rescue his parents. Obstacles along the way he has to face you help him stay away from them.

The dangers to face

His path to the rescue was not an easy one. Full of ramps, he needs to swing the ropes and pass different stages. Because there are many times when the rope has a tight shaft, and having a fast-spinning thread and a slow-spinning one will also cause you trouble. There will be walls, sharp spikes, saw blades, etc that will get in your way and you can lose the game at any time. There will be traps and unexpected dangers waiting for you at each level.

Control skills

Your task is to help the stick man to the end of the path of each level and rescue his parents in the last level. To do that you need to learn how to swing. The character you control is a stickman, but for convenience in moving, he can turn into small balls. You let him move down one by one and start left-clicking. The hooks closest to the ball will lengthen and grab the ball. The rope will swing and when you release your hand, the ball will swing away from the rope. Just swing like that until the finish line is safe, and you will win the level. To be sure of winning, you need to practice a lot to predict the throwing force and the reflex of the ball. In addition, you will occasionally win a reward for your character's new appearance such as lucky sprouts, etc. Very cute and interesting right, join this challenge with your friends.