Stickman Party Electric

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Dangers in Stickman Party Electric

Stickman Party Electric allows four players and is divided into two teams in a dangerous party. You need to overcome a lot of enemies to reach the destination.

At Stickman Party Electric, you will be in a team with other players to form a group and with the remaining group to find ways to reach the destination gate. Everyone is a stickman who is participating in a dangerous party. There are many enemies for you such as flying electric black monsters or spiked traps. You and everyone else must be very careful not to collide with those things. It will always appear above, from below, and require your dodging agility.

The gameplay of Stickman Party Electric


Use arrow keys along with WASD to control 4 characters. You can switch between groups by pressing the switch button in the game. When encountering monsters, shoot bullets by pressing the R or P key.


To win to reach the finish line quickly, there must be unity. Stickman Party Electric allows up to 4 players in the game. Everyone must work together to avoid danger. Use parkour or top-notch shooting to take down enemies.