Stickman Zombie Escape

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The story of the guy Stickman

A stickman in Stickman Zombie Escape is locked in a dungeon. There are many traps and dangerous zombies here. Let's fly in the air and avoid it.

Our Stickman guy is quite naughty and has been locked in a dark prison. Around Stickman Zombie Escape there will be no one to rescue him. Everything is old-fashioned with lots of dangerous traps like arrows, spikes, and other dangers. As soon as the loophole occurs, you will die and lose the game. But the most dangerous thing you need to face is the zombies guarding with arrows. It's like a dangerous boss that will appear suddenly, leaving you unprepared. The game will have many levels and many adventures for you to experience.

Save Stickman overcome

Stickman Zombie Escape game will bring the most realistic feeling when you play on the computer. You need to use the AW keys to move left, right. If there are spikes on the ground, use the W key to jump on the high wall pedestals. When encountering obstacles and zombies, press the spacebar to attack. Wish you luck to overcome each difficult challenging level.