Super Kick 3D: World Cup

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Super Kick 3D Playground: World Cup

Come to the unique playground Super Kick 3D: World Cup. You need to shoot the ball accurately into the net without being caught by the goalkeeper.

This is a football game but it is special in that. The whole field is so big, but there is no one else but you and a goalkeeper. This goalkeeper also wears a black vest, bow tie and black eyeglasses. You are not mistaken, he wears a black vest and runs back and forth to block the ball. He looks like a dancing puppet. Just you and him on the pitch, no one is competing for the ball with you, seize the moment and shoot the ball accurately into the goal. This referee will jump back and forth to the rhythm, so you are completely capable of catching cards and timing to shoot the ball.

Rules of the game in Super Kick 3D: World Cup

How to shoot the ball

You control our player character by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Keep moving the mouse and moving, to determine the direction, drag and release for the player to shoot the ball.

How to win

You will win to the next level if you shoot 5 balls in a row into the net. That means when you have hit 4 shots but on the last one you miss, you will have to play from the beginning of the level. The goal after every time you hit the kick, will also change direction. They will no longer be directly facing you. It is a challenge for you. In addition, on the field there are also gold coins, the try to create a shot for the ball to pass and collect that coin, the better.