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About Superfighters

Superfighters is a dramatic martial arts fighting game. You can join your friends with opponents in one room. Let's stab, shoot, etc. and destroy them all.

This is a bloody battle with many opponents. Entering this game you will need to use the weapons and destroy all the remaining players. After a while, you will be able to collect different weapons at each level, such as assault rifles or flamethrowers. The game is possible for one player and two players. You can choose to play against random opponents around the world or with your friends. In both, there are VS Mode, Stage Mode, and Survival. In VS Mode and Survival, you both need to overcome the dangers, fight and survive to the end. Particularly in Stage Mode, both will be teammates and support each other.

Win the Superfighters

In Superfighters you need to have agile character control skills and some tips to avoid danger

Character control

To control character one you use the arrow keys on the keyboard, character two will be the ASDW keys. To hit melee press the 1 and N keys, and shoot the enemy press M or 2. To use grenades and increase power please press 3, 4.

Some tips to win

The key to winning this game is to focus and use your surroundings to your advantage. You can hide to let enemies off guard like chairs and tables. You will be able to collect different weapons at each level. If you are confident, go in front of your opponent and enter the melee range. Pay close attention, there are also explosive barrels around you. If you know how to seize the opportunity, your enemies will burn.