The Dawn Of Slenderman

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Scary in The Dawn Of Slenderman

Unfortunately, you get lost in a dangerous forest in The Dawn Of Slenderman. Don't panic, pick up your gun, avoid the killer's chase, and pass the levels.

Just imagine what it would be like if one day you were stuck in the forest. There was no one around and no one could get help. You definitely have to find your own way out. That's right, if that's the case, go around and you might find a way to escape. But in The Dawn Of Slenderman, it's not just that simple. If you get lost in here, you will have to both observe the way and avoid the murderer, Slenderman. You have just arrived, he already knows of your presence and wants to kill you. He is tall, runs very fast, and is quite strange when he has no eyes, nose, or mouth on his head. Don't panic but think of a way to get out of here quickly by collecting all 8 pages.

Escape from the scary forest

A scary forest, so what do you need to do to get out? Let's find out together.

Complete mission

In the survival game The Dawn Of Slenderman, you will have four game modes Forest Classic, Forest Gun Mode, Suburbia Classic, and Suburbia Gun Mode. In all four modes, you get lost in this scary forest. The only difference is that Forest Classic and Suburbia Classic will be night, dark, and scary spaces. Forest Gun Mode and Suburbia Gun Mode are daytime and you will have guns so you can fight back against the killer. Of course, in all these modes you have to collect all 8 pages in each different location to get out. They can be in abandoned houses, old boxes, etc. Along the way, if you look closely, you can also collect more weapons for yourself so as not to become the next victim in this forest.

Character control

To survive in this scary place, you need to use the mouse and observe the surrounding landscape. When you don't see any danger around, move with the ASDW keys. Just keep going, you can find all 8 pages and complete the task. If you see danger approaching, press the left Shift to run. If you want to bend, press left Ctrl, and X to lie down. This will prevent the Slenderman killer from seeing you. That's when you play in night mode, if you play in day mode, you will go looking for guns. After you have the weapon in hand, remember that the left mouse button is to aim and the right mouse button to shoot. The mouse wheel will help you switch between the weapons you have. Pay attention to the G key to open the grenade and escape from danger quickly. These are the skills to remember, are you ready to join this battle for survival?