Tiny Fishing

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Are you ready for fishing online in Tiny Fishing? In this game, you can earn cash by catching fish and you have a chance to explore the marine world.

How to catch the fishing

Many fish under the water will swim and you can see them clearly. You will release the hook under the water to hook the fish. Now, we will guide you on ways to catch much-worthy fish.

Hook the valuable fish

In the sea, there are much different fish, but only some of the are expensive. The fish in the deeper sea always costs more cash than others. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the goldfish. You can easily complete the target cash if you can catch some goldfish. When the hook is thrown under the water, you can swipe it to hook the fish. It’s better to catch as many fish as possible.

Game control

Swipe the mouse to capture the fish. You can play this game on full-screen to have the best experience.

Earn money by growing fish in Tiny Fishing

When you discover new kinds of fish, you can take them to your aquarium. Then, these fish will produce a lot of cash for you. Therefore, you should usually take care of the fish to collect money.