Trap The Cat

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The Rule of Trap The Cat

Let's start the cat chase game in Trap The Cat. In the game, you need to create a fence so that the cat cannot run out. But the cat is smart, can you pass?

In Trap The Cat, your playing screen will be interlocking hexagonal tiles. There are a total of 121 squares and our mischievous black cat will stand in the middle. The task you need to do is to block that black cat from letting them out. Each step the cat takes will advance one tile. If you are not quick, it will run out before your surprise.

How to trap a cat

Learn how to trap cats and some tips to win

How to surround a cat?

In 121 squares in Trap The Cat, there will be blue and black squares. The black squares are the ones the cat can't enter. You click and will create that black box. Once you create a black box that blocks the cat, it will be allowed to go one step further. It is very intelligent so it will choose a lot of different paths to take. Until the cat gets out and you lose.


Pay close attention to the ways the catwalks, they all avoid and deviate from what you calculated. This is like a puzzle, and to solve you need to apply deep thinking. Please block the boxes outside, away from the cat so as not to be deceived. It is also easy to surround the cat inside to win. Or you can reload the level with more black tiles to trap the cat faster.