Tunnel Rush

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Introduction to Tunnel Rush

Experience Tunnel Rush now to let yourself run in a colorful tunnel. This is an eye-catching and endless tunnel that contains many dangerous traps.

Every player who comes to Tunnel Rush will have a lot of interesting experiences. This is a 3D cellar that has no end and gives you the most realistic feeling. You will automatically run and explore this colorful cellar. The speed will make you focus and forget all your worries. Besides, the basement has revolving movements and alternating lotus colors that make you more and more attracted to this basement. Turn up the volume and dance to the music for the best entertainment moments.

Set a record in the dangerous Tunnel Rush

In Tunnel Rush, there is a ranking of the highest scores you have achieved. Not only running, but you will also have to face a lot of dangers to get a high score

Pass some obstacles

In Tunnel Rush, there are 3 types of dangerous obstacles of different shapes. They take turns appearing unexpectedly in your run.

  • Rectangular Bar: This is an obstacle with a small long bar. The special thing is that they are always on the move. When meeting it, run as far as possible or you will lose.
  • Triangle blocks: they are small triangular bars that block the road but stand still. You just need a little ingenuity to avoid it.
  • Semicircle: This block is the largest block. They will occupy half of the tunnel. Pay attention to them.

How to set a record

The tunnel will run faster and faster as you go away. The record of the game will be the longest distance you can travel with the fastest speed. That means you need to master the speed and go the longest distance. You can see the total distance traveled in meters with speed m/s in the upper corner of the screen and get the motivation. Use the arrow keys skillfully to avoid the blocks in the way and run as far as possible. Are you ready to join the Tunnel Rush racing game?