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Venge.io Arena

Coming to Venge.io you and many other players will enter a fierce gun battle arena. This is a world where you need to destroy all your opponents and earn money.

Joining this game will be like participating in a survival battle. You need to destroy all the opponents in the arena. Everything around the arena makes you feel like you are lost in a wild mountain place. There are many strange things here that you need to find out. Enemies are lurking around and want to harm you. Don't panic and run away. You also have a gun and go around finding and shooting your opponents. In addition, this game offers many maps including Sierra, Tundra, Mistle, Temple, and Sandstorm Blitz. Each map is a unique arena experience for you.

Destroy every opponent in Venge.io

In order for you to become the strongest, you must master the controls and upgrade the abilities of weapons and characters.

Guide play

First thing when entering the game you have to move the mouse and look around after choosing the right character and gun. Then move with the ASDW keys to a safe place where you can hide. You can jump over the dangers by pressing the spacebar. When meeting an opponent, quickly click the left mouse button to shoot or press F to throw a grenade. If you want a melee attack use E. Press a Shift or RMG to focus. To make the game less boring, press Enter to open the chat box.

Upgrade your character's weapons and abilities

There are 4 basic types of guns that you can consider such as Scar, Shotgun, Sniper, and Tec-9. Each type of gun will suit a different way of fighting. Choosing the right weapon will give you a lot of power to fight enemies in the arena. In addition to both looking and hiding, you can upgrade your equipment and become more powerful. Look for all the glowing green dots on the map to capture those territories and complete the objective. Each character has unique abilities in the cards, which you can use while holding down the B key. It is an advantage for you to take down other players. The further you go and find every nook and cranny you will have the opportunity to unlock more cards of greater power.